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July 23, 2006
Marcia Angell, former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine takes on the drug companies.

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Couldn't help but share

Yo! Sorry if it's duplicated elsewhere: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/religion


Greetings, fellow Yoans! After reviewing this site thoroughly, I am delighted to find a sophisticated consensus-based religious paradigm for the twenty-first century. Here are some thoughts that I think might improve the site in the future, specifically when it is redesigned using the new software:

1. I mentioned this to the founder Dan, and I'm sure most members agree, but it's worth repeating: I believe the site needs to be reorganized so that there are not so many links/videos on any given page and so that their placement is entirely intuitive.

2. When I registered for an account, I had to send an email to Dan. I'd prefer, as is customary with other websites, to be able to create an account directly on the site - and then, if necessary, await approval.

3. When I clicked the link to post this comment, I was redirected to the "Reply" section BUT I had to scroll down past several unwanted videos and images.

4. Whenever I click on a link my browser opens a new tab. This becomes unnecessarily frustrating as I find myself closing a string of tabs simply from navigating the website. So I'd urge new links to be opened in the SAME TAB.

5. We should consider having one homepage that permits the visitor to choose between two formats: Call them the Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins methods. The purpose of this division is to appeal to two types of person, separately: the spiritually-inclined and the scientific-minded. After all, Yoism - at its best - should seek to reconcile mysticism with scientific fact. Moreover, the person disillusioned with, say, Christianity and looking for a new paradigm to fulfill her spiritual needs may find the "Karen Armstrong method" more palatable.

6. Although Yoism already does to some extent reconcile mysticism with science, I'd put equal emphasis on the mystical element. For instance, Karen Armstrong in her book titled "The Case for God" notes that "In most premodern cultures, there were two recognized ways of thinking, speaking, and acquiring knowledge. The Greeks called them mythos and logos." Logos, she goes on to explain, is the scientific, the factual, the logical. Mythos, on the other hand, is that which transcends thinking, of which we can only speak of in terms of metaphor, religion, myth. It is experiential and intuitive. Yoism seems almost to limit the concept God (Brahman, Nirvana, Tao, Yo) to a specifically scientific "unvisualizable universal field." Yet, there is also a dimension that science cannot even explain in scientific terms. For instance, why is there a universe at all? If time began with the Big Bang, why should there have been a Big Bang? And why should life have evolved from non-life? Natural selection can't apply to non-life. These are questions that science apparently cannot and never will be able to answer, nor can science adequately explain those moments of self-transcendent psychic experience, that experience of fundamental oneness with the source of our being and all phenomena. Science can no more explain these than it can a poem, a song, or a work of art. That's what Joseph Campbell called "the ultimate mystery of being"; it's the beauty and soul of life; and I think that, rather than limiting Yo to strictly scientific terms, the mystical aspect of Yo should be given more emphasis.

7. This last remark is more of a personal request, but not without merit I think. I strongly urge that Karen Armstrong's book "The Case for God [i.e., Yo]" be promoted alongside "The God Delusion." Her book is perhaps the most intelligent response to the "new atheism" of Harris, Dawkins, et al. She emphasizes apophatic theology, the unknowing nature of God, and practice over dogmatism. Hers is a universal religion and one that is perfectly compatible with Yoism. She gives eloquence and clarity to the mystical experience and offers an educated, sensible explanation in plain English to that other seemingly neglected aspect of the scientifically weighted Yoism. It's not fuzzy thinking and is entirely consistent with the teachings of Yo. Indeed, I'm convinced that if everybody read this book we wouldn't have such unintelligent bickering over irrelevant dogma. So I highly encourage anyone interested in intelligent religion to read her book.

*In response to another comment I read on the site, I just want to add my voice in emphatically rejecting leaving open the question of an afterlife. Is it possible that there could be an afterlife to which our consciousness (separated from our then-rotting brains) goes after death? Sure, but it's pure speculation and, in my opinion, highly unlikely. Absence of evidence or convincing logic (or intuitive sense, i.e., mythos) is, in fact, reason not to believe something. And the only reason some persons speculate about an afterlife is that we, as living beings, cannot conceive of nonexistence. The thought is unimaginable, terrifying even, so we invent comforting notions of an afterlife to make death more palatable. So even if such an afterlife does exist, I reject any suggestion of its possibility on Yoism on the principle that it can be no more than speculation and wishful thinking.

Happy Winter Solstice!

EDIT: This comment was properly formatted into paragraphs before posting; I don't know why it merges all my paragraphs into one confusing jumble of disconnected sentences. I followed the link "More information about formatting options" but it took me nowhere. So that's something that should also be fixed when the site is redesigned.

Good suggestions

Yo Andrew,

Regarding your EDIT P.S., this site uses an old version of Drupal in which you have to enter html code in your comment: a paragraph break is "<p>" I fixed your comment.

But that should be remedied along with suggestions 1-5, all of which make sense but will have to wait a site update to a new version of Drupal. Unfortunately, this is going VERY slowly and we need either a donation to hire a web master or someone who can donate their skills. Anybody out there?

Re 6: That seems like a worthwhile change. If you make specific suggestions as to pages and wording that could be changed, added, deleted, that would be helpful.

Re &: As you know, I hope you will develop a Karen Armstrong page that brings her ideas into Yoism; based on what you have said, it seems clear that there is something to learn from her approach. I will be reading her book based on your recommendation.



I personally think your all crazy if you are following a nut like Obama!! We may not have had the greatest 8 years with our current pres., but it beats being blown to bits or turned into Muslims!! Our country was built on Christianity not Islamic beliefs and it needs to stay that way and let them go back to their own 57 states!!!

I don't have an issue with alot of other religions or ways of life. That's the beauty of America, but once you've been screwed by these crazy insane people the way our country was on 9/11 everyone needs to think twice before election day. No matter what your religion or belief unless your a bit twisted also I don't think anyone wants a repeat of 9/11 or wants to die themselves when we can prevent it by some degree by not voting for someone that can't decide whether he's Muslim or Christian!! Big difference!!


I don't think there is any basis for the belief that Obama would surrender America's future to fanatics of any stripe, Muslim, Christian or whatever.

Indeed, what is most honorable about McCain---his refusal to be released from captivity out of his commitment to his fellow soldiers---is also what Republicans fail to understand: The freedom of any group or nation stands or falls on their ability to commit to one another.

The Old Testament is a long tale of how one prophet after another railed against the kings for being selfish and forgetting their obligation to all members of the kingdom. The New Testament is about how Jesus railed against their greed in the temple and told them to care for, love one another: Do unto others...

No nation will stand---against fanatic Muslims or Russian Nationalism or even in economic competition from behemoths like China---if the people don't identify with one another. How can we stand together as a nation---especially in combat---when the soldiers won't have decent jobs IF they survive combat and many won't even have health insurance, all while some people don't even know how many houses they own!

It is a disgrace that Republicans clamor for a strong military while my old friend who served in World War II couldn't afford to go to the dentist. He put his life on the line for his country. Many of his buddies came back crippled or didn't come back at all. Their sacrifice enabled the economic freedom and stability that made some Americans absurdly wealthy. And now in old age he can't afford to keep his teeth!?! What did Georgie Bush do for his country that his wealth was protected while so many hard working, tax paying citizens (including many veterans) have to scrounge around in fear of losing their jobs and their homes?

How dare the Shrub give the richest of the rich a tax break in a rich nation in which many retired people have to choose between eating healthy food and paying for their prescription medication? Paradoxically, the Shrub has managed to do to the U.S. what Reagan supposedly did to the Soviet Union: He has moved the U.S. deep into an insolvency that will make the maintenance of its military might unsustainable.

Obama, on the other hand, understands that a strong nation---economically and militarily---that can protect itself and maintain its freedoms is one that must pull together and make sure all of its citizens have a real chance to be included in the prosperity that is disproportionately controlled by a handful. John McCain does not.

And, sorry, but America was NOT built on Christian beliefs. If anything it was built on Deist beliefs and a strong secular separation of our government from religion so that ALL religions or beliefs would be protected.

Furthermore, as you can see in the link above, Obama's religious identification is not relevant (though he is clearly Christian). What is most hopeful about Obama is his understanding that he is an AMERICAN, i.e., that membership in the larger group that must unite together for the greater good must be organized on allegiance to valid principles NOT on divisive religious affiliations. And a society must protect the freedom of religion that is only maintained by a Separation of Church and State.


Gimmee that New Old time religion.

As a basic Pagan practitioner and self proclaimed Wizard with some success I find it refreshing that others believe as I do. I live in the Bible Belt; Pagans and others are not treated very well here in the sticks. Nice to see that folks are using their minds. It's about time. As I Have Done, Harm None.
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